Smart Furniture for SMART Homes

Smart futures

Tables and desks

Charge wireless IQ phones or compatible tablets directly from the table top, simply by placing them on the table.
The smart tables provide you with two retractable cables, subtly placed under the table top, to fast charge any type of device.
Stay connected to devices that require an outlet socket, such as laptops or macbooks.
Limited connection ? Connect up to 4 devices via the build in USB ports, quickly and efficiently. There is no need any more to switch the USB devices between them due to lack of ports
If you like to have always order on the desk and it bothers you when cables are stretching everywhere, we have good news, smart desk includes a cable duct for a proper cable management.

Smart futures


Customize the lights through the voice control

Create a personalized atmosphere with the smart lighting technology

Set a custom routine for the smart lights in your house

3D Models

In attention of designers and architects, we know that it can take a long time to model 3D objects and then integrate them in interior or exterior designs, especially when you have short project deadlines. In this case, our team has found solutions and provides 3D models corresponding to each physical product on our website. Check out our 3D Model section.

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